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Video & audio conferencing

Video conferencing

CP Centro Pilota Srl of Rome offers its clients video conferencing (teleconferencing) over IP and over ISDN.

Video conferencing is the ideal way to have people from two to six remote locations participate in a meeting without the need of traveling.

During a conference, thanks to video conferencing or teleconference technology, it is also possible to have colleagues remotely participate in a meeting. The remote party can fully participate in the meeting by providing PowerPoint presentations, charts, or videos.

Video conference units can also use simple wi-fi connections with special bridging software.

CP Centro Pilota Srl of Rome uses Polycom and Sony videoconferencing units (SD and HD) that have proven to be easily installed wherever ISDN or broadband accesses can be found.

NEW! Video conferencing with the addition of simultaneous translation services in two languages. This setup is ideal for multinational board of directors meetings.

Video conference rooms in Rome

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The video conferencing rooms at CP Centro Pilota’s offices in Rome are ideal for individuals and small groups who need to communicate in a clean, efficient and air-conditioned office.

Our premises are conveniently located within the ancient walls of the city of Rome, very close to the central railroad station (Stazione Termini).

The video conferencing Room A is suitable for up to 10 people whilst Room B is suitable for 2 people. Room A has a Sony Impela PCS-XG80 HD unit and two 42" LCD screens and the smaller Room B has a Sony PCS 1P unit and one 42" screen.

Audio conferencing

An audio conference is a professional audio connection that allows three or more people to communicate using any wired or mobile telephone.

An audio conference is more economical than a video conference and quicker to install. If your team is away on a business trip and need to have a conference call with with colleagues far away, CP Centro Pilota can install audio conferencing units at your hotel or residence that allow your team to work from abroad.

CP Centro Pilota uses Polycom audio conference devices to ensure that wherever there is a telephone line, from hotel rooms to large conference halls, the participants experience natural and clear communication.