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Since 1969, one of our main activities has been that of translating documents and papers for various customers including commercial enterprises and public bodies.

CP Centro Pilota Srl’s strength in this field is the team of freelance translators who always work to the best of their abilities. We consider it our duty to ensure that a task can be accomplished before committing ourselves with a customer.

As a service company, we handle many languages and different subjects. We always select a mother tongue translator for the language into which the text must be translated who also has, of course, excellent knowledge of the language from which the text is being translated.

Our translation department also takes care of selecting the most suitable transcribers to transfer from tape, cassette, CD or audio file into text files. The transcriptions are then sent via email to the customer. Terms of consignment are at all times agreed upon before commitment.

The effort done beforehand to clarify the extent and involvement of the work allows us to be able to maintain our ”renommé” of punctuality