We are the ONLY event servicing company in Rome that can guarantee

Simultaneous translation

A conference is rightly called international when it provides its attendees with simultaneous translation services.

The success of a multi-lingual event largely depends on having reliable equipment which is also versatile as to suit each conference or meeting’s specific needs.

Whether dealing with intimate groups or large meetings with hundreds of participants, CP Centro Pilota of Rome, Italy guarantees simultaneous translation equipment and services that live up to the importance of any international event.

Simultaneous Translation Equipment

An essential characteristic of any international event is multi-lingual interpretation.

CP Centro Pilota srl’s desire to continually offer its clients excellent equipment that will assure clear and faithful communication. Thanks to its own DIS Danish Interpretation System digital infrared simultaneous interpreting equipment, capable of managing from 8 to 32 dedicated channels for the translated languages. DIS full digital stereo interpretation equipment also guarantees optimal sound quality.

Interpretation Booths

Another characteristic which sets CP Centro Pilota of Rome, Italy apart from other suppliers of simultaneous translation equipment is the use of interpretation booths of unique design and prestigious presentation.

Our custom designed booths are made from oak, giving them an exceptional elegance suitable for any setting. Many diverse installations have proved that these booths harmonize with Italy’s most prestigious and historic buildings.

Characteristics of the simultaneous translation booths:

  • solid and stable
  • sound proof
  • ventilated
  • modular
  • spacious
  • upper glass panels on three sides

These characteristics not only provide a comfortable working environment for the interpreters but also avoid altering the natural acoustics of the conference halls.