We are the ONLY event servicing company in Rome that can guarantee

iPads, laptops & printers

CP Centro Pilota rents iPads, laptops, laser printers, faxes and copiers in Rome for use in the conference or meeting halls and for office use.

IPads are supplied with smart covers and apps can be customized to suit your conference needs.

All laptops come with English Windows operating system and English Office applications, anti-virus programs, multimedia players.

All b/w and color printers use laser technology and range from USB desktop models to more performing models for heavy duty printing. A complimentary ream of A4 recycled paper is provided with each rental. Fast b/w or color copiers are also available with ADF, duplex, collating, automatic stapling and scanner functions.

We can also create wired or wireless LAN for

  • shared Internet access
  • file sharing
  • printer/scanner and fax sharing
  • file distribution of PowerPoint slides from Speaker Ready Room to the conference and meeting halls