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Audience response

Audience response is a type of interaction associated with the use of audience response systems (ARS), to create interactivity between a presenter and his or her audience in any meeting or conference.

CP Centro Pilota of Rome uses a computer and a video projector to project a presentation for the audience to see on the screen in the conference hall. The PowerPoint slides, working in conjunction with the audience response software, display questions with several possible correct answers.

The audience in the meeting room participates by selecting the answer they believe to be correct and pushing the corresponding key on their individual wireless keypad. Their answer is then sent to the base station. The audience response software collects the results, and the aggregate data is graphically displayed within the presentation for all to see in the meeting room.

The clickers that CP Centro Pilota uses also have additional keys, allowing the presenter to ask (and audience members to answer) True/False questions or even questions calling for particular numerical answers.